French Presidential Elections: The Terrorised Voter

Elections happen all the time round the world, in different countries with different propaganda. The time varies now, with world being more vulnerable to terrorism after the rise Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and the attacks on citizen. This changed the shape of french presidential elections. The voters are now more aligned to security and peace compared to economic growth and improved standards of living.


Most of the European Countries like France and Belgium are prime targets of the extremist groups due to their liberal laws and involvement in civil war in Syria. In the past years, french people were attacked inside their own borders by these terrorist groups.

Elections and Opinion Polls

When a large group of people have the same fear, it becomes an important issue of interest for the political parties, same as in France. The french presidential elections are going to be conducted in two rounds, on April 27 and May 7. The present president of France is Francois Hollande of the Socialist Party.

According to opinion polls the candidate of the Republican Party, Francois Fillon and Emmanuel Macron of the relatively new party En Marche!,  have higher chances of winning.

The Shared Ideology

The topic of Islamic radicalism and homeland security is what every leader is speaking about in France. Marine Le Penn of the National Front was leading the opinion polls in 2016 due to her views on security and the resolution to solve problems related to terrorism.


After the attacks in Nice when a truck was rammed into the crowd celebrating Bastille day, there was a sense of fear among the people. It was one of the major terrorist activity in the country. The deadliest is the November 2015 Paris attacks which was termed as “act of war” by the french president. Death of Stephane Charbonnier sparked anger among the citizens due to lack of security, which is speculated to be one of the reasons for the downfall of socialist party in French presidential elections 2017.

France in Syria

France plays a pivotal role in Syrian civil war. It supports the Syrian rebels and wants Assad, the present ruler to step down. Its involvement with military operations in Syria and alliance with the United States are also a reason for the attacks by the extremist groups.

This elections will be important for Europe’s future after Brexit and for the security of the region.

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