Future of Israel: The American Way

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend”

– Ancient Proverb

…or may be the dearest of friends.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one of those conflicts which is not to be extinguished in short time. The Palestinians will not stop fighting for what they think belongs to them, neither the Israelis are willing to share their beloved homeland. The Gaza Strip, one of the most controversial land in the world after the DMZ( The Korean Border) is the favorite topic for a fierce political debate.

Israeli-Palestinian Border

The president of The United States Donald Trump and The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu met today the first time after Trump sworn-in, but apart the glares and giggles shared by the both, the prime headlines was how the conflict was to be resolved. But the American Way does not always sound good to its allies. The possible solution to this conflict can be

Single State

Both the people of Israel and Palestinians will live under the authority of a single state comprising of both of them guided by equal laws.

Two State

The Israel and the conflicted region can be divided into two autonomous states, ruled separately by the respective governments under the fair share of resources at their division.

…two, just two, so simple for words to explain but much complex for Israel to handle.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures while addressing the 2015 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington

But the Israeli Prime Minister does not want both, he is not ready to share the resources and neither their country. This is where global players come in the picture. United States wants Israel to choose any one of the methodology preferably the concept of single state.

To talk about Palestinians, they are on the weaker side of this long-hauled battle, they are ready for both offers, though preferably an independent state. They fear about their life under a single state and probable chances of 21st century apartheid.

The United States regard Arab Countries or the ones from Middle East as a threat to global security. Them to be probably termed as enemy, not in the political way but more of an ideological one. It backs Israel on most of the global stages and decision, showing an evident prejudice among their shared rivals.

The American Way, sweet diabetic candy to lure both, an insurance for much longer and deadly conflict which is the single state theory but rather in an incomplete prospect.

The United States wants Israel to form an union of both lands and people under one government, though lacks any constructive idea about life under that defined system. The vision solves a old fight but ignites a much broader and new one, not for the land or sovereignty but for equality and justice.

It is just a matter of hope that Palestinians get their fare piece avoiding a clash with justified interests of Israel.


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