Individuals vs Societies: Struggles of an Eternity

Why does the dead matter so much?

I’m sure everyone must have heard the kind of story where a young poor boy works hard to get his place in society. He puts his all, his mind, body and spirit, to achieve that goal, and in the process, discovers something of extraordinary value. For this achievement, he earns name, fame, and of course, his place in the society. And then, everyone lives happily ever after.

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Or are we?

But why bother?

There’s a fight going on here

Society, as per Wiktionary’s definition is a “long-standing group of people sharing cultural aspects such as language, dress, norms of behaviour and artistic forms”. It is the very base of humanity to form groups to live together. Obviously, a group is formed when like-minded people meet and agree on certain things. These agreements over time, change into rules, & to be a part of group they must be followed.

But last I checked, humans are unique individually.

This rather socially unaccounted factor results in the classic clash of society vs. individual. An individual’s needs may go against the norms of the society, and he may shun society, unless society does not do so first. This individual then goes his separate way, for a while at least.

Soon though, he enters a catch-22.

As he is a human, he’d want recognition of things which he does (unless he’s an extreme narcissist or a sage), and only people can grant that. But since he has shunned society in favour of his own individuality, he can’t expect to get society’s acceptance without his integration into it. This begs the question, why do we really need societal acceptance?

Because we are egocentric, with a tinge of megalomania.

The act of doing something and the need to be praised for it go hand in hand. It’s a basic need, like food, air and love, and they are symbiotic. This need arises, because we want to be recognized, to be considered better, to establish our own influence in the small sphere of our acquiantance.

A quote by Albert Einstein. The quote reads,
Thus spoke Einstein.

There are zombies everywhere

Coming back to the question which opened the article, why does the dead matter so much?

Dead is something whose biological functions have ceased. This by extension, means that they can’t understand and appreciate either. They can’t share the views we share, think thoughts we think, love what we love. And yet, when it comes to praising, we turn to those dead. We turn to society.

A collective mind is in reality, dictated by a few. What they decide decides the way of the society’s thought. So, in trying to please what we think a group of people, we please but a few, and for that, we pay with ourselves.

So tell me, what is more important, you, or a legion of dead Gods?

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