Iraq War: The Stage For Dominance

The Iraq War is the invasion of Iraq by a coalition headed by the United States, and included United Kingdom, Australia and Poland as major contributors. The justification given was to restore democracy in Iraq and to collapse the reign of Saddam Hussein. It started on March 20, 2003 and officially ended in December 2011 after Barack Obama issued order for the return of troops.

Saddam Hussein was convicted of crimes against humanity and it was asserted that he had and was trying to accumulate Weapons of Mass Destruction primarily nuclear. Although till date no concrete evidence has been found to prove that there were any.

So a war spending billions of dollars to remove a dictator? Why not North Korea, it is more politically unstable and commits crimes against almost all its citizens?

Because war is motivated by interests, not goodwill. Iraq has more than 140 billion barrels of oil and ranks 5th in the order of countries having the maximum reserves. This war was waged to gain control over a country tired of its dictator’s harsh rule and having a large reserves of global interest, “Petroleum”.

Controlled Middle East oil, it would control the world. This oil represents 65 percent of world oil reserves. Therefore, America believes if it squashed Iraq, it would control the oil of the Middle East and consequently hold the oil in its hands [and] fix its price the way it likes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Saddam Hussein

The dollar is used for international trade and to control the “Black Gold” is to have a leash over its value.

Though Bush still remains intact on the situation and gives the same explanation of WMD and “crimes against humanity”. A calculated total of $1.7 trillion was spent on the war and Iraq has still not recovered from the damage caused.

Around 150,000 to 400,000 Iraqis lost their life and this conflict gave birth to insurgency in the country, which still exists. It was due to this war Islamic State was formed, first to oppose the Coalition based government, and now to restore a global Islamic Caliphate.

Such war with irrational reasons and to use as a curtain for global dominance should be opposed as was by France and India.


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Abhinav Choudhary

Naive as a human, veteran as an opinionist.