North Korea: The Loud Global Threat

North Korea is a country in eastern part of Asia, bordered by China, Russia and South Korea. The official name of the country is Democratic People’s Republic of Korea but is governed by a totalitarian military dictatorship under the leadership of Kim Jong-un. The Korean Peninsula was divided into two parts after the Korean War and the southern part( South Korea) elects its representative by the norms of a constitutional republic.

Due to a totalitarian government, major decision making resides in the supreme leader’s hand and he exercises it as per his personal will. The Kim family who is governing North Korea after its formation should be held for its¬†comparatively lesser development. North Korea remains alienated from the world due to travel and communication restrictions by the government. It was found that one-third of the population is hunger-struck and most of the people ¬†remain in poverty.

Although the internal matters are of a less concern for the world, the issue which bothers most of the world leaders is the military power North Korea has accumulated.

With instability in the country due to slow economic growth and inexperienced leadership generates a tensed situation worldwide. North Korea conducted its first missile test in 1993 over the Japan Sea by launching Nodong-1.

But that was 1993 and the world has moved upside down, now North Korea claims to have nuclear missiles having capability of reaching the western coast of United States. The first three nuclear tests was conducted in 2006, 2009 and 2019 and was reported to have low yields to be regarded as a thermonuclear explosion (one having fusion between the isotopes of hydrogen).

Then in 2016, the poverty-stricken country had its fourth nuclear launch and all round the globe everyone was worried. The United Nations condemned the test and discussed about imposing sanctions on the country. United States called for a meeting to discuss about the nuclear threat by North Korea and warned it of regrettable consequences. Kim Jong-un named them “invasive outsiders” and said that they would be met with “holy war of justice”.

Such nuclear power under North Korea should be put on a hold after its leader’s view of the world as he considers most of the country as its rival.

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Abhinav Choudhary

Naive as a human, veteran as an opinionist.